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At the Pizzeria Antico Napoletano we are one of the first to bring authentic traditional Pizza Napoletana to South Yorkshire.
Our pizza's are cooked in artisan built wood fired ovens from Naples, crafted by masters of the pizza oven trade with experience passed over for generations. Our Pizzaiolos take pride and perfection in adhering to the process in production of the dough and provenance of the produce to Verace Pizza Napoletana standard and quality.
Our pizza is proofed for over 48 hours. The long proofing time together with the cooking time at an intense heat of more then 500 C* , produces a light and easy digestible pizza pie with a lovely crust , which is aromatic and delicious together with the finest italian selection of ingredients, imported from Naples specialy selected by us to achieve and share the experience that is as authentic as is unique.

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With Our Mobile wood-fired oven we are offering unique pizza experience at festivals,public events, private parties, weddings, corporate events and manny more. The mobile wood fired oven is so versatile it can produce some of the highest quality food cooked in a natural and extremely effective way, making it easy to enrich your restaurant menu or create a travelling street food kitchen, which will delight your customers time after time.


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